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Hotel a Varazze


For lovers of cultural trip

A vacation planned for those who are fascinated by culture, in search of historical and artistic treasures, museums, events and shows. Designed for lovers of exclusively “ Made in Italy” crafts...Along the way to Varazze one can admire stretches of rock covered with Mediterranean vegetation and dominated by the Aleppo pines that give the impression of what the original landscape might have looked like before the presence of man.
Italy is a jewel chest filled with endless art and culture and aggregates more than half of the entire world heritage. Historical villages, castles, fortresses, folklore, museums, patrician residences, parks…
Varazze not only satisfies the mind but also the most demanding palates, offering continuously the possibility of buying superb typical products, excellent wines…., and just like the products, the whole region of Liguria is perfectly splendid.
The culture package is organized by the Hotel Association of Varazze for those who wish to visit the territory by fully immersing themselves in the cultural and artistic heritage, between events, shows, commemorations and discovering one of the loveliest regions by the sea and in its green hinterland. Specifically, one can visit a small Menhir that is not very well known in the area and located on top of Piani d-Invera. It dominates the town and the sea from its position and just like many other Menhirs, this monolith is roughly cut on a square base that becomes thinner on its upper part and finishes in a tip.

Associazione Albergatori Varazze - P.Iva: 00361270093

Cultura, visite culturali Varazze

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