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Hotel a Varazze


Reception eco-friendly, attentive, personalized

In Liguria the word environment implies a resource that is always at risk and that requires a constant effort from everyone to protect the decay and to try to value at best what the Gods of the Mediterranean have given us: Did you know that by recycling 800 aluminum cans one can make a bicycle? … The Hotel Association of Varazze is an active and aware partner in this worthy battle and intent on safeguarding and increasing the quality of an eco compatible, attentive and personalized hospitality. For this reason it offers structures that are aware of topics of environmental sustainability such as water and energy saving and respect of the natural habitat in order to ensure an ethical and unpolluted vacation and to hand over to our children and those who come after us a cleaner, better and more livable world.

Associazione Albergatori Varazze - P.Iva: 00361270093

Cultura, visite culturali Varazze

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