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Hotel a Varazze

Lady travellers

The pink holiday dedicated to all lady!

This is an absolutely new club designed with eyeliner and lipstick for a female clientele. When the sun goes down it is the moment for shopping in the historical centre, where even the most sophisticated tourist can find any kind of commodity. Suited also for ladies travelling on a business trip and for those who want to be pampered on their vacation. The structures that adhere to the lady’s club focus on special attentions to the female guest (without limiting itself to only female guests), trying to meet the expectations and to satisfy the needs in a focused manner and thus making the stay as gratifying as possible. Varazze is known as the “ladies town”, because it offers many initiatives exclusively for ladies: for example the new Varazze - Sanremo, in which the female cyclists challenge the famous Milano-Sanremo; another example is the ladies week. At the end of May, the whole town participates in a special three day event with musical shows, debates, theatres, booths, workshops, sports activities and expositions, where the “primedonne” of shows, culture, politics and talk shows such as “Caffè delle Donne” are the prominent figures. In the three town squares of Varazze “Women Points” are organized, dedicated to topics interesting to ladies, such as beauty, fashion, health and astrology, with the possibility to participate in free practical demonstrations.

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