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Hotel a Varazze


Nature reserves, sea, mountains and torrents...

A holiday dedicated to those who want to be carried away by a “green” vacation immersed in a natural terrestrial paradise, for those who love adventures by exploring trails and by challenging others and above all themselves doing rock climbing in the Beigua Park. It is the largest natural park in the region with a territory filled with contrasts, squeezed between mountains and the sea, just like Liguria itself. The charm of the Beigua Park lies not only in its dimensions but also in its fabulous mountains overlooking the sea. There are many places to go trekking in the Beigua Park, just to mention a few: The woods of Sassello, Alta Via of the Liguria Mountains and Monte Beigua. Following the routes, one not only discovers the rare fauna and flora but also unearthes crosses, paths, mule tracks and crossings that reach antique rural settlements, hermitages, fortresses and crafts shops where time has come to a halt.

Associazione Albergatori Varazze - P.Iva: 00361270093

Cultura, visite culturali Varazze

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