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Hotel a Varazze


For the fun for kids and the comfort of the adult!

Addressed to families with very small children and who want peace, enjoyment, some comfort and also the safety of their babies on their vacation. The staff is dedicated to entertaining your children with games, activities and discoveries, that range from outdoor activities to preparing food for the most demanding palates, to furnishing the right equipment for facilitating the parent’s job a little on this vacation.
Varazze also has many activities dedicated to the youngest, scattered all over town and obviously along the sea promenade, making your stay enjoyable and pleasant at every moment.
Liguria as a region is the queen for family vacations. As they say, as long as the small guests are having fun, the parents are also enjoying themselves.

Associazione Albergatori Varazze - P.Iva: 00361270093

Cultura, visite culturali Varazze

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