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Hotel a Varazze


For beach lovers and marine sports activities

Intended for those whose only destination is the sea: from comfortably lying on the sun beds under the hot sun or completely relaxing under the beach umbrellas, to enjoying the dynamic aspects that the sea offers: surfing, windsurfing, diving or dancing at night. The discos along the sea promenade add a little spice to your vacation, intoxicating you with the atmosphere Liguria transmits to its fans.
Varazze has an exceptionally mild climate with spring temperatures all year round. In fact, it is chosen for hibernation in winter and for cooling off from the heat waves in summer.
Varazze has obtained the Blue Flag award for a few years in a row from the FEE-Italy (Foundation for Environmental Education) for the quality of its beaches.

Associazione Albergatori Varazze - P.Iva: 00361270093

Cultura, visite culturali Varazze

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