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Hotel a Varazze


Typical food for gourmets

Prepared for lovers of good food and good wine! For the gourmands and the gourmets. For all who want to combine the exploration of new territories with the discovery of new tastes. Let yourself be overwhelmed by a number of gourmet stores. Italy produces about 34% of all European wines, and about 5000 municipalities are “name of origin protected” places of production of salami, cheeses, etc. Liguria also boasts a surprising food and wine sector of excellent quality. Privileged by its climate, Liguria is in fact one of the capitals of the Mediterranean cuisine, where the fishing and the hinterland provide wonderful products. Varazze is part of the Beigua Park, its area begins by the sea in the vicinity of the hills of Cogoleto and it encompasses wonderful hillside locations where you can find restaurants and farm houses that offer delicious typical dishes. Nature combined with the hard work of man allowed the people of Liguria to develop one of the richest gastronomical cultures of the country. Here we see the triumph of focaccia, chickpea pancakes, salty artichoke cakes, asparagus, mushrooms, the torta pasqualina, covered with 20 or even 30 layers of pastry and filled with beetroots, artichokes, parmesan cheese and eggs. This dish is traditionally prepared on Easter day.
Soups are prepared with a large variety of vegetables and aromatic spices. One typical example is the creamy, smooth and fragrant minestrone. Another winning dish is the mesciua, a combination of different vegetables and the sbira, stewed tripe served with a broth. The mushroom sauce, the stuffed lettuce, the artichoke and mushroom- or the herbs omelet, the fried black salsify and the zucchini flowers stuffed with potatoes, accompany the most representative of all dishes, la cima Genovese.
The cima Genovese can be described as a sort of stuffed roast, since this dish consists of a veal sac and a stuffing. This dish originates in ancient times when the farmers and breeders from Liguria prepared a dish similar to a roast to avoid wasting meat. In fact, there is not a lot of meat in this dish and if one removes the meat sac, the stuffing consists mainly of vegetables, pine nuts and cheese.

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