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Associazione Albergatori Varazze

Tourism in Varazze on-line!

The Hotel Association of Varazze was set up in town in the 1970s, at the height of the Italian economic and tourism boom. With the passing of the years the association structured and strengthened itself progressively assuming all the institutional features of a trade union, becoming a professional point of reference for all the operators in the field, a means of promoting local tourism and an authoritative interlocutor with the public institutions.
The Hotel Association of Varazze is an important hub in the tourism business of the province of Savona since Varazze is amongst the top vacation destinations of the entire territory.
The new millennium has presented new challenges for the professional association of Liguria. Globalization and evolution of the holiday demand have required particular attention of the hotel association to quality and professionalism, challenges which the association, with more than 80 businesses which it represents, has faced in an innovative way, which this website is an example of. Our association wants to safeguard the quality of the tourist offer, and is always at the service of citizens and guests to clarify any subject regarding the tourist industry of the town.

A pearl called Varazze

At the heart of the Ligurian Gulf, on Riviera delle Palme

Numerous are the reason for coming to Varazze... The sea, nature, sport, the climate - no matter which season you choose to visit the town. Located in the centre of the Gulf of Liguria, on the palmstrewn Riviera, Varazze blends the joy and colours of its beach and "caruggi" (narrow paved streets) with the peace and quiet of the surrounding hills and woods. A unique and charming landscape nestling between the sky and the sea, it is the ideal spot where you can while away your time in relaxation and enjoyment.
Varazze is a typical Ligurian "borgo", close to the shore with its narrow streets leading down to the sea and its tiny squares surrounded by local colourful houses.
Strolling through the historical centre, either for the sake of strolling or for shopping, it takes little to tell Varazze is a town boasting its own art and history. The following simply must be visited: the church of Sant'Ambrogio distinguishable with its romanesque gotic belltower in red brick starkly contrasting with the neorenaissance facade, the palace of Beato Jacopo, the former municipality building, the church of Saints Nazario and Celso, the curc of San Domenico, the oratories, seats of town confraternities...

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