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Hotel a Varazze


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Marina di Varazze

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A pearl called Varazze

In the heart of the Ligurian Gulf, on the Palm Riviera

Varazze Il mare di Varazze Varazze - mare Varazze vacanze Varazze Varazze Varazze Varazze Varazze Varazze Varazze Varazze

Numerous are the reason for coming to Varazze... The sea, nature, sport, the climate - no matter which season you choose to visit the town. Located in the centre of the Gulf of Liguria, on the Palm Riviera, Varazze blends the joy and colours of its beach and "caruggi" (narrow paved streets) with the peace and quiet of the surrounding hills and woods. A unique and charming landscape nestling between the sky and the sea, it is the ideal spot where you can while away your time in relaxation and enjoyment.
Varazze is a typical Ligurian "borgo", close to the shore with its narrow streets leading down to the sea and its tiny squares surrounded by local colourful houses.
Strolling through the historical centre, either for the sake of strolling or for shopping, it takes little to tell Varazze is a town boasting its own art and history. The following places must be visited: the church of Sant'Ambrogio distinguishable with its romanesque gotic belltower in red brick starkly contrasting with the neorenaissance facade, the palace of Beato Jacopo, the former municipality building, the church of Saints Nazario and Celso, the church of San Domenico, the oratories, seats of town confraternities, the church of Santa Caterina in the east - the history of the church linked to the saint herself - and Villa Cilea. A host of places to visit, where the works of art therein housed are to be admired.

Storia di Varazze

The history

Varazze owes its name to the long - established tradition of shipbuilding: the Romans called it Ad Navalia and subsequently, the Medieval times it became Varagine. Even in most ancient times the area was inhabited, as born witness to by the archaeological museum at Alpicella, exhibiting findings dating back to the Neolithic and Metal Ages, along with the prehistoric site around Fenesterelle. The first urban settlements was established further back in the hills around Parasio, along the torrent Teiro which runs through the area. In the west of Varazze to this vary day, you can see some towers and long stretches of the protective old city walls, "vecchie mura", from the XII and XIV centuries. These werw built to defend the medieval city fom the Saracen invasion from the sea.

Il mare della costa di Varazze

The sea

The sea, the horizon, the sky: which of the three best conveys the sensation of freedom? The sound of the waves, the colours of the water, the reflections of the sun brightly creating optical illusions... The sea at Varazze is magnificient both summer and winter. Whether it be dawn or dusk, if you look from the seashore, from Capo Noli to ptomontory at Portofino the sights of the gulf take your breath away. In summer you can set out on a boat trip from the marina admire the gulf (Golfo Paradiso) the bay (Baia di San Fruttuoso) - disembarking at Portofino, at Cinque Terre and at Portovenere. Conversely you have the option of whale watching excursions: our sea is a part of the Cetacea Sanctuary. The promenade, unwinding all along the Varazze shoreline amidst public gardens and the beach runs for five kilometres between Piani d' Invrea and the sea. It is aptly sheltered so as to let you avail of the winter sunshine. The stretch of promenade is called Lungomare Europa or "Villa Araba" - this letter name taken from the typically Mediterranean bulding soaring above the sea at the beginning of the walk.
A mere stone's throw from the town centre, the visitor is completely immersed in nature surrounded by pines, mimosas, oleanders, brooms, palms, olives - all standing back from the black and white cliffs. The promenade may be interruped to allow you to stop for a rest or to usethe children's amusements. The ideal place for jogging, cycling, rollerblade - the necessary equipment available on hire. The way, included tunnels, was equpped with hight lighting, recently. A veritable paradise for fishing and photography enthusiasts.

La spiaggia di Varazze

The beach

Beach, sea, sun. At the beginning of the twentieth century bathing replaced mooring berths all along the sandy shore. Varazze once upon a time buil wooden ships ordered by the Genovese and European nobilities. Nowadays every summer, from may to september the beach is strewn with beach huts, parasoles and deck chairs. The colours and joy of the bathing establishments bring the shore to life with beach volleyball tournaments, aerobics lessons, aquagym, light gymnastic exercises, swimming and organized children's activities. From Punta della Mola to the tourist marina the beach is linked to the town centre and others by the pubblic gardens and promenade - hence it can be reached on foot in a matter of a few minutes.

I borghi

The villages

Castagnabuona, Pero, Cantalupo, Casanova, Alpicella, Faje: a few minutes drive from Varazze amidst archards and olive groves and the visitor discovers little villages lying in the hills as well as paths and landscapes belonging the green belt above Varazze. Many and varied are the excursion and non-excursion itineraries climbing up into the woods with oak, beech, ilex, chestnut and conifereous trees. Local institutions and associations organize periodic guided excursion for visitors. Highly recommended for the visitor - the Archaeological Museum at Alpicella and the charming ring - shaped botanical stretch Eremo del Deserto running for about two and half kilometres.

Monte Beigua

Mount Beigua

Once you have reached the top of Monte Beigua, you are immediately struck by the incredible view afforder when the sky is clear. At an altitude of 1287 metres on the Apennine divide where the Alta via excursion passes (info: www.altaviadeimontiliguri.it), to the south with the naked eye we witness almost the whole gulf of Liguria further Capo Mele to the Apuan Alps. To the west you can behold the whole range of maritime Alps. Veering north you can view Monviso and further on beyond the Plain of the Po, Mont Blanc, Cervin and Mont Rosa. We are now into the Beigua Natural Park: the pic-nic areas are frequented by hikers in summer and are at times snowbound in winter. This area becomes today a Regional Park and it is recognised by Unesco as geoparc: world heritage to protect and increase the value.

Associazione Albergatori Varazze - P.Iva: 00361270093

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